Play Golden dragon, Fire Kirin, Orion Stars, V power 777 from home! Enjoy your favorite games! We have over 23+ titles to choose from! Free 500 entries daily with 2000 load up.

About us

We have top notch employees who are devoted to ensuring your entertainment and assurance. We are open 24/7!


New Players:

1. Please message us a valid ID picture for verification purposes so that we may create your account. Once your account is created, we will message you your info to log in and begin playing ☘️Once received, proceed to step 2.

2. Go to Play at :             Orion Stars

Go to  play at:                 GoldenDragon

4. Redemptions will only be done via Zelle, Western Union, Cash App, and Venmo. You must be enrolled in one of these services for a successful redemption.

Any questions/ concerns please message 512-943-2689    we are available 24/7 !

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Keep in mind that you are eligible for a one-time NEW account bonus 500 entries when you donate at least 2000 entries ! AND 500 entry referral bonus for each NEW account you send to us With a 2000 donation entry. Good Luck, We Value You All